Osteopathy not JUST for your back.


“I was having a grizzle to my friend Vicky about feeling generally unwell and about my very finicky digestive system and she asked me if I had tried seeing an osteopath. I had tried a chiropractor but had not found that they helped at all.

I didn’t have a sore back as such, (just the usual twitches and sore bits from time to time like everyone else), just this feeling of general unwellness. Vicky told me that an osteopath treated the whole person and their wellness, not just sore backs, and recommended that I make an appointment to see Neil.

So I did… what a good decision that was. Neil was great, he listened to my ramblings and took into account my past medical history. He suggested a thorough check of my back and made some adjustments and then talked to me about cranial osteopathy.

I noticed a difference almost straight away and have continued to get better and better. My general wellbeing has improved, I feel happier and my digestion has improved.

Woo hooo – Life is grand – I feel so much better.
Thanks Neil – and Vicky
Pam .”

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