PIGLETS HATE EVANS OSTEOPATHS !! Read on, if you want to know more.


Read on, if you want to know more. Once upon a time there was three pigs and a wolf, the piglets built their houses and the wolf he huffed and puffed, he blew sooooo hard………….his back went! The piglets thought it was there lucky day………..BUT………the wolf was a smart wolf and he knew that osteopathy was a hands on, cost effective treatment for low back pain, so he rang us.

The next day he was back at the piglets houses…….after his treatment at EVANS OSTEOPATHS, he felt stronger and more flexible and he had no low back pain. He had sooooooo much more huff and puff……….and do you know that day he didn’t eat two piglets….HE GOBBLED ALL THREE!!

So if you have hurt your back, be a wolf not a piglet call us.

Evans Osteopaths
Osteopathic Treatment
Website: http://www.evansosteopaths.co.nz/
400 Charles Street, Hastings, New Zealand
Phone: (06) 870-3490

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