Top tips for back care ~ Neil Evans

Being an adult is mostly being exhausted, wishing you hadn’t made plans and wondering how you hurt your back?!


Top tips for back care ~ Neil Evans

▫ Look at Gardening and DIY as any other sport, you would not go out and play squash or rugby all day without training so don’t garden or DIY all day without first building up to it.

▫ Eat a diet as natural as possible, include fresh fruit, vegetables and protein, grow as much as you can yourself, if you can’t grow your own buy from fruit and vegetables shops rather than supermarkets as likely to be fresher.

▫ Remember that what you eat is your fuel buy the best and the freshest you can afford.You are worth it.

▫ Keep mobile and exercise daily but build up gradually

▫ Be careful when lifting to keep the weight as close to you as possible and to bend your knees not your back, Never bend , twist and lift.

▫ Ensure you have a supportive mattress and quality pillow (check out our peace pillow online or at our clinic)

▫ Replace tea and coffee with water to keep you hydrated.

▫ During repetitive tasks or heavy labour, make sure to vary your rhythm, take regular breaks and have a stretch

▫ If you’ve hurt yourself don’t live with pain, we can help!

Osteopathy reduces pain and increases mobility. Call us 870 3490
Don’t forget we’re now open on Saturdays smile emoticon 8:00am – 2:00pm


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