Osteopathy and Pregnancy


Did you know osteopathy is a safe hands on treatment for pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy. Our bodies are amazingly designed but sometimes a helping hand can ease those aches and pains. Back pain,pelvic pain,sciatica and shortness of breath are all common and totally treatable.

Optimal pelvic mobility and alignment helps prepare the way for a smooth and easy birth. At Evans Osteopaths we have treated dozens of pregnant women and having 4 children myself I know how important osteopathy was in looking after my wife to help facilitate 4 trouble free pregnancies and 4 smooth births.

We offer a variety of manual and cranial techniques. Our treatment is tailored to suit each individual. Click here to contact us today.

Osteopathic Treatment Hawkes Bay
400 Charles Street, Hastings
Phone: (06) 870-3490

We can help with #backpain #sciatica #insomnia #shortnessofbreath #swelling #highbloodpressure #fatigue

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