The Power Of Osteopathy


A few weeks ago I saw an 88 year old lady. She came in suffering with terrible head aches and neck pain.She looked unwell, hunched over and unhappy. She had tried a number of things to get some relief but still the pain persisted. She explained she had been told it was just old age and she needed to learn to live with it !
I treated her with cranial osteopathy.

The next week she bounced in , she was no longer hunched over, she was full of energy and her neck pain and head aches had completely resolved. She was so happy and it was so nice to see the contrast in her from the week before!
I wanted to tell you about this elderly lady because even after 25 years “Osteopathy” still surprises me!!

Seeing how quickly and how much osteopathy changed this ladies life makes me feel so privileged to do what I do.

Have a great week everyone. Neil