Osteopath Deal – only $20


We are delighted to welcome Natasha Arnott, who started with us on 26 October, and is proving to be an excellent addition to the team. With 5 years experience and a particular interest in treating pregnant women, children and babies, we are sure you’ll be impressed too. To celebrate the arrival of Natasha, you are invited to take advantage of our fabulous half price INTRO OFFER – only $20 for a full consultation (for an accident claim under ACC).This is only available to the first 20 callers, so be sure to ring today. http://www.evansosteopaths.co.nz/

Call us on 870 3490 or email for a suitable appointment time.

** The special offer applies to appointments with Natasha only. And is only available to those who are not currently undergoing treatment. Non-ACC treatments are $40 (normally $70). Appointments subject to availability.

Are you in need of some TLC?


Are you in need of some TLC or do you know of someone who is suffering right now? We’d love to try and help you both. We’ll randomly select 2 people to receive a free treatment and a bottle of Real Deal Hurt Crème. Please enter here: http://bit.ly/CompleteForm


Top Ten Tips for Safer Gardening

The first warm, sunny spells of the year cheers up most people after the winter months, and many of us get the urge to rush in to the garden and start digging!
But beware!  Every Spring, we see numerous back injuries, after people overexert themselves whilst gardening.  Check out these tips and pass them on to the gardener in your family…

1. Remember that gardening is another form of exercise, and you should warm up and warm down gently as you would any other sport.

2.  Build up your stamina.  Don’t spend all day gardening from day 1, or you could well be very stiff and sore the following day!  Several short spells, even of 20 minutes duration, would be better.  Work your way up to a full day!

3. Make sure you keep warm enough while you work,  Your back may become stiff if you let it get cold, so wearing several layers of clothing is often a good idea.

4. One of the most strenuous tasks is digging!  Especially in cold, wet soil.  Remember to keep your back as straight as possible while you work.  Be sure to stretch regularly.

5.  If a job really needs two people, don’t try and attempt it on your own.  If you injure your back, it may be some time before you can do any gardening at all!  Or, break down a job in to small parts – perhaps it’s worth making several trips!

6.  One of the most common causes of back injury in the garden is lifting and carrying heavy items such as paving slabs or bags of compost.  Don’t forget to bend your knees rather than your back; to keep the load close to your body and avoid twisting.  NEVER bend, twist and lift.

7.Make sure you have the right tools for the job, and look after them, so that they do most of the work for you! Keeping blades sharp, for example, makes pruning much easier.  Look for long handled tools which can allow you to work with much less bending.

8. The humble wheelbarrow often causes problems, as it requires you to lift and push at the same time, so take extra care.  Make several journeys, rather than overloading a wheelbarrow, and be careful on uphill or downhill slopes.

9.  Bending down to do the weeding can be a problem if you have painful joints.  Special kneelers are available, and some have handles, which can make getting up again easier.

10. During repetitive tasks, make sure to vary your rhythm, take regular breaks and have a stretch.  When you do have a break, drink water instead of tea or coffee.  Keeping well hydrated is also very important!

Terrible neck pain and headaches.

CarI had a call last week from someone who’d driven off the Napier Taupo Road and gone down a bank rolling their car three times! Luckily they escaped with just cuts, bruises and whiplash. 🍀 The day after they suffered terrible neck pain and headaches.

Feeling battered and bruised they made an appointment with me to see if I could help. I thought the sooner I started to work on the muscle spasm and restriction using gentle osteopathic technique the sooner they would feel better.

Feedback today was good, their headaches have gone completely, and neck pain is a lot better but not gone completely and they’re moving a lot freer. It’s a great outcome and pleased they’re feeling so much better. What a lucky escape. Neil Evans http://www.evansosteopaths.co.nz

Osteopathy and Pregnancy


Did you know osteopathy is a safe hands on treatment for pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy. Our bodies are amazingly designed but sometimes a helping hand can ease those aches and pains. Back pain,pelvic pain,sciatica and shortness of breath are all common and totally treatable.

Optimal pelvic mobility and alignment helps prepare the way for a smooth and easy birth. At Evans Osteopaths we have treated dozens of pregnant women and having 4 children myself I know how important osteopathy was in looking after my wife to help facilitate 4 trouble free pregnancies and 4 smooth births.

We offer a variety of manual and cranial techniques. Our treatment is tailored to suit each individual. Click here to contact us today.

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Top tips for back care ~ Neil Evans

Being an adult is mostly being exhausted, wishing you hadn’t made plans and wondering how you hurt your back?!


Top tips for back care ~ Neil Evans

▫ Look at Gardening and DIY as any other sport, you would not go out and play squash or rugby all day without training so don’t garden or DIY all day without first building up to it.

▫ Eat a diet as natural as possible, include fresh fruit, vegetables and protein, grow as much as you can yourself, if you can’t grow your own buy from fruit and vegetables shops rather than supermarkets as likely to be fresher.

▫ Remember that what you eat is your fuel buy the best and the freshest you can afford.You are worth it.

▫ Keep mobile and exercise daily but build up gradually

▫ Be careful when lifting to keep the weight as close to you as possible and to bend your knees not your back, Never bend , twist and lift.

▫ Ensure you have a supportive mattress and quality pillow (check out our peace pillow online or at our clinic) http://bit.ly/PeacePillowComfort

▫ Replace tea and coffee with water to keep you hydrated.

▫ During repetitive tasks or heavy labour, make sure to vary your rhythm, take regular breaks and have a stretch

▫ If you’ve hurt yourself don’t live with pain, we can help!

Osteopathy reduces pain and increases mobility. Call us 870 3490
Don’t forget we’re now open on Saturdays smile emoticon 8:00am – 2:00pm

PIGLETS HATE EVANS OSTEOPATHS !! Read on, if you want to know more.


Read on, if you want to know more. Once upon a time there was three pigs and a wolf, the piglets built their houses and the wolf he huffed and puffed, he blew sooooo hard………….his back went! The piglets thought it was there lucky day………..BUT………the wolf was a smart wolf and he knew that osteopathy was a hands on, cost effective treatment for low back pain, so he rang us.

The next day he was back at the piglets houses…….after his treatment at EVANS OSTEOPATHS, he felt stronger and more flexible and he had no low back pain. He had sooooooo much more huff and puff……….and do you know that day he didn’t eat two piglets….HE GOBBLED ALL THREE!!

So if you have hurt your back, be a wolf not a piglet call us.

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Osteopathy not JUST for your back.


“I was having a grizzle to my friend Vicky about feeling generally unwell and about my very finicky digestive system and she asked me if I had tried seeing an osteopath. I had tried a chiropractor but had not found that they helped at all.

I didn’t have a sore back as such, (just the usual twitches and sore bits from time to time like everyone else), just this feeling of general unwellness. Vicky told me that an osteopath treated the whole person and their wellness, not just sore backs, and recommended that I make an appointment to see Neil.

So I did… what a good decision that was. Neil was great, he listened to my ramblings and took into account my past medical history. He suggested a thorough check of my back and made some adjustments and then talked to me about cranial osteopathy.

I noticed a difference almost straight away and have continued to get better and better. My general wellbeing has improved, I feel happier and my digestion has improved.

Woo hooo – Life is grand – I feel so much better.
Thanks Neil – and Vicky
Pam .”

Peace Pillows: Therapeutic Pillows for Pain Relief


Our peace pillows are great for pain relief and elimination of neck stiffness. With our custom made peace pillow, your night won’t t ever be interrupted by a bad pillow again.

– The raised leading edge allows your shoulder/s to slide under the pillow, enabling it to tuck in and follow the natural curves of your neck.

– Effective support makes good sleep posture comfortable, allowing you to sleep better for longer. Correct sleep posture also lets the soft tissues around the spine relax and avoids the tension (caused by twisting) that restricts nourishing circulation while you sleep. This in turn can cause (or worsen) fatigue, soreness and stiffness in the neck and back.

Available at our clinic or online here: http://bit.ly/PeacePillowComfort

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